Cade Willowhill

Cade Willowhill - Halfling, Sorcerer, Merchant

  1. Cade Willowhill – Halfling, Sorcerer, Merchant
    Cade is the silent guardian of UNAMED the Red and has kept watch over her in Calimshan, because he recogised her as being from Greenest.

Cade was guided along south to the border of Amn by Silverwind.

Cade aspires to one day gain a seat on the high council of MERCHANT GUILD.
Cade has a strong sense of community and family.
Cade belongs to MERCHANT GUILD.

Cade is snobbish and quick to judge the poor.

Has received work from your childhood friend Leosin Erlanthar that your father was poisoned.
> Cade -
> I regret to write you that your father has been poisoned. We were able to slow poison, but our skill was not enough. I was able to capture his dying words. Make haste for Greenest.
> Your friend,
> – Leosin Erlanthar

Leosin was able to capture his dying words:
> My son Cade,
> I have done things I am not proud of. I wish I had time to tell you more, to explain. I have for a number of years belonged the Dragon Cult but I realized now what they are truely trying to achieve. I tried to stop, retire, make amends, call it what you want. My actions were not well received.
> I fear now that my actions have endangered our whole clan, possibly all of Ferun. The human Frulam Mondath, the half-orc Bog Luck and half-dragon Rezmir hold the answers you seek.

Cade Willowhill

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